September 17, 2008

Damn You Flash Metrics

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Its no surprise that Neither Macromedia or Adobe have corrected this one yet. Previously I created a Tag Cloud in flash and it was especially frustrating having to figure out text metrics on fonts at random sizes. See the problem is that the larger the font becomes in size, the more padding that is supplied by the text box both above and below. Text metrics will never be accurate. So I have written a class that you will use rather than just textField to create a textField that will automatically adjust to it’s exact pixel. I shit you not. Take a pic of it and measure it with photoshop. Anyhow, I am supplying you with my class and feel free to use it, but please leave my created by in the class out of respect. For more information on how to use it.. feel free to email me iben[@]flashplaya.net

Download ExactText

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