September 6, 2008

Flash Finalist

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Flash Forward Finalist 2008
Flash Foward Finalist 2008
This year I decided to submit some of my work into the festival for perhaps nomination and even dare I hope walk away with a rubber arrow.

Of my submissions, MovieMagic TextEffects was chosen in the category of advanced code.

The submission is a class written to merge sentences seamlessly from line to line while reusing letters are already on the stage.

To see how i utilized the application for its 30 second short in the festival click here

Unfortunately I did not walk away with a rubber arrow, but what better way to lose than to a work created by Carlos Ulloa and Erik Natzke.

But next year will be different..

Flash Forward Conference

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This year, was the first year in which I attended the conference, and though the post is a bit past the event, I wanted to spend a little time speaking about the conference.

I can’t truly admit whether attending the conference would be a life altering decision for any flash programmer or designer. I realize I can only speak with limited experience from this event, but I would suggest that it is a great way to be inspired or recharge the passion in your life for what you do.

This years speakers who spoke over the duration of 3 days were the following:

  • Branden Hall
  • Chuck Freedman
  • Craig Swann
  • Danny Stillion
  • David Carson
  • Erik Natzke
  • Grant Skinner
  • Hoss Gifford
  • Ivan Todorov
  • Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Jared Ficklin
  • Karen Kimsey-House
  • Keith Peters
  • Lee Brimelow
  • Luke Bayes
  • Lynda Weinman
  • Michael Kemper
  • Miha Pogacnik
  • Mike Downey
  • Neil Ishibashi
  • Paul Ortchanian
  • Phillip Kerman
  • Richard Galvan
  • Rob Bateman
  • Robert Hodgin
  • Scott McCloud
  • Stacey Mulcahy
  • Tinic Uro
  • Todd Rosenberg
  • This year I decided to attend to meet up with a few of my friends as well as make a few more. Where else can you find so many legends in the industry than in this years line up. For me, to pay homage to those that inspired me were reasons to attend, but having also been a finalist in the conference under the category of advanced code was even more reason. More to come on that post later.

    For those that are considering attending next year I encourage it if its for nothing more than to be inspired, to be in the company of those who are into the same field/hobby as yourself. Use it as a time to network and help advance your position or standings in the field of FLASH.

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